SS 240: Eroticizing Safer Sex with The Doctor


As a well known hypochondriac and germophobe who'd just as soon wrap his entire body in the Titan Full Body Condoms from The Naked Gun if only they sold them at The Lucky Bloke, It's no surprise that Cooper thinks a lot about eroticizing safer sex. Thinking about it, talking about it, trying really hard to do it, it’s all there. On Swingset’s 2015 desire trip, Cooper sat next to The Doctor, no, not THAT Doctor, though he did feel an urge to let this sexy man take him on adventures. They knew too much about STIs and often scared themselves silly.

You can find The Doctor on twitter @Sexxypixie. Rawr.

Cooper mentioned the Sex MythBusters’ video, Sex Myth #2: The Oral Sex Aficionado.

Today’s episode featured Haywyre’s tracks, Moment, Dichotomy (Soft Mix), and The Schism, off of his Two Fold Pt. 1 and Two Fold Pt. 2 albums. We also continued to use Stephen Walking – Claptrap because… well it’s everywhere we want it to be. Like Uberlube.

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