SS 264: Couples’ Privilege & the Notion of the Third


As couples, so often we're looking for the third. The unicorn usually. They're rare, seemingly unobtainable, but when we find them it's just so magical. Except that we're often boxing that unicorn in, that single person who now has to put up with our pre-established couples dynamic and the fact that if we ghosted it'd be as a pair. Yep, tonight we're talking about couples privilege and what that means for the third so many of us are seeking.

On this episode of Life on the Swingset: The Podcast, we discuss how being a couple changes the dynamic when looking for a unicorn or third, and how often that third can be unconsciously slotted into a specific position in the relationship, expected to be something specific, rather than themselves.

We discuss how the dynamic of threesomes and foursomes, and the way conflict is handled, can mean a lot to how the relationship appears valued.

We discuss Netflix's new show Easy, which features an impressive threesome episode late in its run.

We spent a lot of time talking about sleeping arrangements beyond the couple, and how we handle it. Both Cooper and Dylan tend to get hot very quickly.

And we discuss how to find a threesome and make sure the relationships are healthy, banking on that old chestnut communication.


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Today's podcast featured music by:

Puppet – To Be Alive, feat. Aaron Richards

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