Twin Peaks S02E06: Demons – Damn Good Podcast


We return from our extended hiatus to a changed world but choose to stay in the weird 1950s/1990s hybrid that is Twin Peaks. We talk about all the happenings in Peaks land, including The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost, and new audiobooks of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer and “Diane…” The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper. For the episode itself, we're thrilled to meet in the flesh (of David Lynch) Gordon Cole, as we go deeper into some of the wackier story lines, but get Al Strobel in top form as Gerard/Mike.

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Cooper, Miko, and Ophilia, hosts of Eat The Rudecast, return to watch and dissect every episode of Twin Peaks season 1, season 2, and Fire Walk With Me, leading up to season 3 on Showtime in 2017!

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