OTWC 010: Female Relationships Part Two – On The Wet Coast


In this episode of the On The Wet Coast podcast, we examine our experiences of public bisexuality through exhibitionism and how it relates to the male gaze, being good allies and supporting those more marginalized than us in the new political climate, and the pros and cons of doing the work of emotional labour in our complex array of relationships.

In part one of Female Relationships, Dawn Ardent and I discussed the complexities of female relationships in non-monogamy, shaking off the internalized competition we were socialized to associate with other women, and how honestly communicating fears and boundaries can help heal the breaks that insecurity and jealousy can create. We also hated on a couple mean girls from our past. In our defence, they were so mean! And made our junior high school experiences pretty hellish.

Cool Girl Bingo Card

Check out our Cool Girl Bingo card (huge props to Dawn for creating this for us) here: Cool Girl Bingo

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On The Wet Coast: Non-monogamous folx Kat Stark and Flick Morrison present a podcast about sexuality and ethical non-monogamy of every variety. We talk polyamory and swinging, monogamish and open relationships; from dirty, dirty sex to heartbreak. We share our personal experiences and philosophy, observations and theories, what works for us...and where we fucked it right up.

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