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It's not often I'd describe a toy as a game changer, but the Pro G-Spot Rabbit completely rewrote the rules for my orgasms. I'm the first to admit that I'm not someone who gets a lot from external clit stimulation and generally prefer the jackhammer approach of the big rumbly wands to get off. While I've really enjoyed pleasant sensations from the previous Satisfyer toys I've tried, they could never progress me to an orgasm.

I couldn't have been more shocked when within 15 minutes of using the Pro G-Spot Rabbit, I was orgasming the way I've never done without the aforementioned jackhammer wand.

I just might have a new favourite toy.
Satisfyer G-Spot Rabbit & packaging

Let's talk about the toy design and components. The Pro G-Spot Rabbit is made from beautiful, silky white silicone. It's waterproof and charges with a magnetic charger the same as the other Satisfyer toys (and b-vibe & Fun Factory). It has dual modes of stimulation; the insertable shaft vibrates in a surprisingly rumbly manner with 10 different settings/patterns and the external clitoral pressure wave simulator has 11 levels of intensity. The toy operates for approximately 2 hours on a 3 hour charge (from zero to full).

The shape of the insertable shaft feels like it was almost custom designed for my body. It curves in just the right way and the slightly pointed tip allows for pinpoint vibration pressure just in front of my cervix that I'd never known I was missing until it was there. My only complaint is that the shaft could have been slightly longer so I didn't have to jam it against me to try to hit that sweet spot more intensely (who am I kidding, though, since jam it against me is my go to orgasm technique).

The suction of the external clitoral pressure wave simulator feels really good and the combination of the two components together definitely worked for me. I'm never entirely sure if I have the external piece positioned exactly right since the shape of the shaft of my clitoris isn't always compatible with the shape of the ‘mouth' of the toy. The Pro G-Spot Rabbit had a wide enough opening to mostly surround my external clit tissue.

The buttons are decently easy to operate by feel even when you can't see them while using the toy. I did find the up and down a little odd since usually pressing the button closer to your body turns something up and this one was the reverse. I appreciated that the vibration and pressure wave had distinctly different texture to the buttons for easier identification.

Thanks to the lovely silicone, the Pro G-Spot Rabbit is easy to clean. The white silicone is a nice change from the usual pink and purple of most toys, but as I was testing during my period, the white silicone got a little horrific. As well, the carved Satisfyer logo on the shaft of the toy collected, uh, materials, and was a little difficult to get entirely clean.

I'd definitely recommend this toy for many different bodies and typical orgasm styles. I think more clit focused people would get off from the pressure waves, while the more g-spot oriented people would get a lot of pleasure from the deep vibrations. The Pro G-Spot Rabbit is a delight for me, not just because of the quality of orgasms I've received from it but because of how surprised I was by those quality orgasms.

Please note: The Pro G-Spot Rabbit was generously provided to me by Satisfyer in exchange for my honest review. My notes and opinions are my own. Visit Satisfyer's website here to purchase.

9.7 A Game Changer

The combination of rumbly internal vibrations & external clit pressure make this a toy that should work for a wide range of people.

  • Quality 10
  • Sensation 10
  • Versatility 9
  • User Ratings (49 Votes) 3.5

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