OTWC 020: Attraction – On The Wet Coast


Attraction is a mysterious thing.

There are physical and personality characteristics in people we're almost always attracted to: perhaps a certain body type or sense of humour. Other times it can be harder to nail down why a certain person hits all the yes buttons for you, or what makes us override our usual “dealbreakers”. They could be completely different than what normally gets you going and if you lined up 5 similar people, you might not feel anything for any of the others.

Attraction can even be situational. You can find yourself interested in someone in a certain time and place when they wouldn't have the same appeal in others. Whether it's biology and pheromones, cultural influence, or personality, there are myriad factors at play in who we find attractive.

On this episode of On The Wet Coast, Kat Stark & Flick Morrison talk Attraction.

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On The Wet Coast: Non-monogamous folx Kat Stark and Flick Morrison present a podcast about sexuality and ethical non-monogamy of every variety. We talk polyamory and swinging, monogamish and open relationships; from dirty, dirty sex to heartbreak. We share our personal experiences and philosophy, observations and theories, what works for us...and where we fucked it right up.

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