Review: Body Lotion, Massage Oils, and Arousal Products by Lust Cosmetics


I love when someone comes up to me and tells me how great I smell. It's a total high and makes me feel very sexy. So when I'm getting ready for a date,  an evening out, or an night in I want to smell my absolute best. I was thrilled to try out Lust Cosemetics‘ products for that exact reason. They have a line of products that include Body Lotions, Edible Massage Oils,  Arousal Mists, Mousses, and a Pleasure Potion. All their products are used to enhance your sexual experience and make you feel incredible at the same time. I was very interested in seeing if they live up to there name.

First I tried the Lust For Body: Luscious Body Lotion, which I thought would be perfect to put on for a date. After a nice hot shower, I opened the tube of lotion and I was enticed by the sweet, light, floral scent. I put some in my hands and spend it over my legs. It went on so soft and felt so rich and velvetty on my skin. After applying it to my arms, chest, and back I was in total heaven. It wasn't greasy and my skin felt like a baby's bottom it was so soft. It was definitely putting me in a very sexy, desirable mood. Plus after wearing it for several hours I could still smell it on on my skin. The scent was intoxicating. I'll definitely be wearing this on dates.

To me, there is nothing better then a great massage where the at the end you feel relaxed, destressed and smelling of the sensual massage oil used on you. The Lust For Love: Extra Virgin Natural Oil Massage Oil is perfect for those times. The oil is very mildly scented and super smooth, and light to the touch. It massaged easy into the skin and never was slippery or dried out. There was no need to reapply. It felt very luxiourous and lavish on my body. A great simple, erotic massage oil you can use anytime.

Another oil I used was Lust For Love: Creamcicle Edible Massage Oil. I'm usually not one for these edible products. They just are something that I don't enjoy and most of the time taste fake and leave a bad after taste. This gentle, sleek oil was a bit thicker than the Extra Virgin Natural Massage Oil and smelled just like a Creamcicle. The creamy, orange scent wasn't over powering and not at all sticky on my skin. As I was massaging it deep into my skin, I was taken away by the sweet scent and I anted to lick myself because it smelled so delicious. It tasted like licking a Creamcicle popsicle, but without the sticky, drippy mess. This was yummy and put a smile on my face. Even adding a little warmth to the oiled  skin made me tingle and let out a small moan. I was very relaxed and felt sexy sweet.

Oh wow! I was really taken away with the Liquid Lust: Arousal Mist. I wasn't expecting anything much to happen, but I was wrong. After spraying myself twice on my clit, and waiting about a minute I was getting wet, dripping wet. I've never have a product do this to me EVER. I was speechless. The cool, tingling mist worked wonders and got me aroused without me doing anything at all. This is definitely a product I will be showing all my friends. This was unbelievable and can't wait to use it again. You DEFINITELY need to pick up one of these and and turn your partner and yourself on.

I was so excited to try the Arousal Mousse and see if it had the same results as the Mist. I gently shook the can and squirted the fluffy, mousse on my clit. I took my fingers and massaged it tenderly on my clit and waited a few moments to see what happened. I waited and nothing was happening. The Mousse felt very cushiony on my skin, almost like nothing was there and wasn't at all gummy or sticky. It did leave a refreshing tingly feeling that I liked at first , but got stronger the longer I left it on. So I wiped it off because it started to irritate my skin. I was a little sad that the mousse did work as well.

The name alone, Lust For Double O: Multiple Pleasure Lotion, captivated me and so did the cute, clear jar it came in. It sounded like this was magic in a jar and I was a bit skeptical if this was too good to be true. It claims to “add a new dimension to your sexual release.” I was revved up to try and got comfy on my bed and applied the cream to my clit and rubbed it around. The cream was satiny, sleek and felt very rich on my skin.  I thought I would move things along, since it seems like this is how the product gets it's magic, so I grabbed my favorite vibrator to see if my orgasm could reach a higher level with the cream on. I played for a bit and I came a nd got my wet, hot cum all over my pussy. I'm not sure if the cream had anything to do with me cuming because I always come like this. Quick, hard, and gushing. It didn't get me to those new thrilling levels of pleasure, but I didn't need help getting there. I think this product is more suited for women who haven't reached the levels I have already.

Lust Cosmetics does have some really spetacular products and I will be adding some of them to my beautify process. The Lotion , Massage Oils, and Arousal Mist really delighted and pleasured me. I know I'll be enjoying them on many of my dates and adventures. The Aroussal Mousse and Double O cream were just not products that worked well for me. I did have a relaxing and awakening experience trying all their products out.  Plus, I smelled amazing from the Lotions and Massage oils. I do thank Lust for making me smell extra ravishing.

Full Disclosure: We did not purchase this product, it was sent to us specifically for review. Our policy is to, regardless of how we acquired a product, review it fairly and openly. No writer for Life On The Swingset will ever deliberately mislead our readers into believing that a product is good because of anything we received from the company. We are open and honest, and cannot be bought or bribed. If we love a product, we'll tell you, if we don't, BELIEVE us, we'll tell you that too. End disclaimer.


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