IF 017: Getting Naughty!


In the first ever episode with guests, Ginger and Ryan are joined by Dr. Dave and Dylan in a bedcast from our trip to Naughty in N'awlins after a stellar dinner and then a creative round one of sexy time. All manner of New Orleans reflection including delicious food, drinks, and desserts parlay back into round two of sexy time for the evening. Prepare to find yourselves hot and bothered not only by the spicy conversation, but also the incidental pleasure sounds from the stage bed in that Naughty in N’awlins penthouse. While this episode may still be considered intellectual, it is heavy on the foreplay, sapiosexuals. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

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Ginger and the Professor indulge their sapiosexual selves for discussions about relationships, non-monogamy, and working and playing together.

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