Automatic Sex Toys That Mimic The Real Thing


We are fortunate enough to be living in a time defined by cultural innovation and technological advances, and naturally, this has led to the creation of a whole new generation of high-tech sex toys! 

Perhaps the most exciting of which is the invention of automatic strokers or “penis milking machines.” These machines are designed to stroke your member in such a way that replicates the sensations of a blowjob or even full-blown intercourse! 

Up until now, men haven’t gotten nearly as much love as women in the sex toy industry, so it’s only natural that we’d go crazy for these toys that essentially do all the work for you. Never again will you have to pull yourself off manually! 

Just stick your johnson into the machine, choose your preferred intensity setting, pull up one of your favorite porn movies and let the stroker jerk you all the way to the finish line! 

The Best Automatic Male Sex Toys Available In 2020

Here are my top picks for automatic sex toys that come as close to the real thing as money can buy!

1. The Kiiroo Onyx 2

Kiiroo is the #1 trailblazer for automatic sex toys; I can’t think of a toy that exemplifies this more than the Kiiroo Onyx 2 automatic penile stroker!

Kiiroo Onyx 2 Interactive Penis Masturbator
Onyx 2 is easily the best all-around quality sex toy on this list, upon sticking your member into the toy’s interior, you’ll be greeted by a sleeve made from Fleshlight’s signature “Real Feel Superskin.” The sleeve will quickly envelop your penis in its comfortable grasp, and before you know it – you’ll be stroked by ten contracting rings that will mimic the real thing!

You can easily adjust the intensity of the strokes up to a maximum of 140 strokes per minute by pressing on the “+” symbol on the base of the toy. Finding the toy a little too intense? Simply click on the “-” symbol to switch to a lower vibration setting!

As if getting your member stroked 140 times per minute wasn’t enough, the Onyx 2 is fully interactive, allowing you to pair it with a Kiiroo Pearl 2 so you can connect with your long-distance partner! You can even download an app that allows you or your lady friend to operate the toy 100% hands-free! There’s a little something for everyone!

2. The Autoblow AI

Next up is the AutoBlow AI. This sex toy is a bona fide “AI Sex Robot” that began with an extremely successful Indiegogo project from inventor Brian Sloan.The Autoblow AI Automatic Penis MasturbatorAfter seeing so much success with the original Autoblow, Brian decided to take a step further and work with scientists to develop this modern feat of sexology…

The complex interior of the original Autoblow might have made it the first automatic stroker that gives you a true semblance of realism. After perfecting the hyper-realistic sleeve and powerful interior motors, Brian wanted to take his invention a step further. 

The idea of creating a sex toy with artificial intelligence began with working tirelessly alongside Ph.D. robotics engineers and artificial intelligence scientists. After collecting data and studying blowjob patterns, they managed to use the contents of 1000+ hours of blowjob videos to program ten complex blowjob sensations into the toy. All of which are based on actual blowjob techniques taken from studying actual pornstars!

3. The Lovense Max 2 

And finally, we have a slightly cheaper option that remains uncompromising in its quality design and intricate featured – the Lovense Max 2Lovesense Max 2 automatic penis masterbatorThe Max 2 is fairly similar to the previous options on this list, while not as feature-heavy as the Onyx 2 or as high-tech as the Autoblow AI, the Max 2 is a wonderful starting point, owing to its relatively simple design and easy-to-use controls!

It’s lower price makes it an obvious choice for newcomers who want to experience what automatic strokers have to offer without punishing their wallet or getting lost in the controls.

Just like the Onyx 2, Max 2 is fully interactive and comes with its own phone application and can be paired with female toys to bridge the gap between you and your loved one!

Final Thoughts

I can personally vouch for the quality of each of these toys, being an avid sex toy enthusiast myself. We owe it to ourselves to experience what the world of male sex toys has to offer, free of any sort of guilt or shame.

Do your wrist a favor and stop masturbating manually like back in the stone ages, treat yourself to one of these toys, and forever enhance the quality and intensity of your orgasms!



Emma loves to blog about sex and all things related to sexuality. She is the very definition of sex-positive and her goal is to help others break free from their preconceived notions about sexuality.


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