Ginger Thinks Off and So Should You!


I have always been able to orgasm by just thinking. I take it for granted and enjoy it very much. I’ve come to learn that the ability to orgasm by simply thinking is rare and worthy of scientific study and as, I have learned, is championed by Barbara Carrellas, the Urban Tantrika. Huh? Really? How interesting.

I say this not to proclaim my scientific-study worthy orgasming ability, but to simply note that whatever we personally experience in our sex lives is our “normal.” We have a very egocentric way of defining of what is sexually normal. When we open up our sex lives to other partners, it opens our eyes, we learn new tricks, see other sexual possibilities.

I realize now that orgasming is not something many women take for granted, especially climaxing by thinking alone. Despite that fact that we are all different, I am convinced that all women (and even men) are capable of thinking off. Would it be easy to learn? No. Is it worth cultivating the possibility of being able to think off for yourself? That you must decide.

The key to thinking off is deep mindfulness and surrender…and, of course, believing it is possible for you.  I look back on how I started thinking off and I just didn’t know that it supposedly “wasn’t possible.” I just did it. In the car. In my room. In class. Whenever an orgasm was in order, which is always as far as I am concerned.

Not sure where this scientific studying of thinking off will lead, but I certainly know that it is possible and blissfully so. I am actually post-orgasmic from thinking off as I write this. Cultivating the ability to be mindful and present and surrendering to pleasure during any sexual experiences creates the most possibilities for blissful heights and plentiful orgasms. Looking for a starting place to thinking off? Start there: being mindful and focus your energy on the pleasure and how wonderful it feels. As you become more practiced, you can conjure that feeling and manifest it with your mind alone. Eventually that practice leads to hot thinking off orgasms.

Don’t believe me? Well, remember where we started? You do need to believe it is possible. You can either wait for science to bear it out in research or you can believe it is possible and just go for it. Either way, thinking off is indeed possible and it rocks! All the best to you in your thinking off quest!


As an oversexed, omnisexual castaway from the sexually-repressed culture, Ginger believes the next sexual revolution of total sex-positivity is just around the corner and it’s time for the revolutionaries to unite! Be her friend on Facebook - Follow her on Twitter


  1. how is it that you do it, exactly? is it just thinking that makes it happen? do you contract and release your pc muscles? inquiring minds want to know the details here

    • Thanks for asking. It is hard to describe. Maybe I should write a book about it!

      So, I deep breathe and get myself relaxed. I do fantasize a lot so my mind is sharp with details. I also meditate regularly so I am able to access that place in my mind quite readily. I focus my breathing in my low belly and focus energy mentally between my hips. Sometimes I contract muscles like my abs and pc's, but not always.

      The most important piece for me is to stay with the orgasmic feelings and cresting energy…feed it with my mind. Distractions are a set back. As I become more aroused, my breathing gets quicker and, if I can, I'll make the noises that seem appropriate during my arousal. (If I can't vocalize, it is more challenging.)

      At that point, I am usually close and simply continue to feed the breathing, fantasy and energy. Once I am at the point of no return, I just let the wave fall. Mmmm…hotness.

      That may all sound like craziness, but that is a (ahem) quick and dirty description of my mind-induced orgasm or thinking off process. Cheers, hottie!

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