Holly and Tyler’s Next Step – A Hedonistic Vacation


Months after our first misadventure into a Swing club in Las Vegas, after the disappointment had worn off, Tyler and I were talking about things again and decided that Hedonism might just be the vacation for us. It was distant (which was still on my priority list at the time), but it had two sides to it – nude and “prude”. The idea that I could retreat to the clothed side for a more traditional vacation was just the safety net I needed.

We went for a week and had a fabulous time. It turns out we really really enjoy being naked when everyone else is too (in the public areas of the nude side, clothes are prohibited to prevent gawkers from wandering over and making people uncomfortable). It was nice to be around other people who were just happy to be naked in the sun (Hedonism is maybe 25% Swingers unless a large group of Swingers has a takeover). Everyone seemed very friendly and comfortable in their skin (the steady flow of mudslides and banana daiquiris probably helped).

During the day we wandered between the beach, the pool, and the bars/restaurants. During the night we went to the nightclub and the piano bar. It really was all pretty tame, and a perfect introduction. One afternoon Tyler and I had a romp in the ocean (only to find we'd been watched by a charming dutch couple). We talked to a variety of people that may or may not have been Swingers, and met a few people that definitely were. At night the hot tub crowd entertained themselves and others with poolside BJs, and women straddled a fountain (dubbed the pussy fountain), but nothing crazier than that really. Most of the action took place in private rooms.

Even though I was still very shy, we did manage to pick up our first couple (newbies like us). We flirted with them in the bar, talked late into the night in a secluded four-person hot tub, cooled off with a skinny-dip in the pool, and then went back to their room for some erotic fun. Over the week we had a few other opportunities, but I wasn't quite ready to take people up on their offers.

When we came back home we were energized and ready to make friends like the ones we played with in Jamaica. And so that led us to our next step…Online couples dating.


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