Loving the Heat and the Hot Sun Too!


Oh so HOT here in Miami! With so many sexy vibes, I'm diving in with my first blog post. The Prof does such a fantastic job sharing our thoughts and perspective, it has taken a catalyst like Swingfest to get me fired up to write.

One fact is crystal clear when in a place where every one is a swinger: this atmosphere is the ultimate comfort for those of us with an alternative sexual lifestyle. Chatting with other swingers the theme that always comes through is how relaxing and enjoyable it is to be yourself, fully and completely. There is so much value in that. Those of you who haven't yet ventured into a swingers-only venue, you absolutely must take the plunge. You will be so glad you did. Swingers are generally the most open, communicative and friendly people you will meet!

Personally, seeing people in their truly natural sexual state, being their authentic sexual selves, is one of my favorite things. The freedom people exhibit when they know they are accepted just as they are is beautiful. It is the way we should be able to relate everywhere, including the vanilla world. Unfortunately that is not currently the case culturally. So until we evolve culturally to the place of accepting that sexuality and the right to enjoy it is an integral part of who we all are, we the sexually enlightened gather as often as possible in the few havens for free sexual expression.

In local swing clubs, at places like Hedonism, Desire and a resort we just learned about this trip, Caliente, you can be yourself wholly and completely. You can share your sexuality far and wide. Now that means different things for different people from voyeurism and petting while watching to an orgy experience. The one guarantee is that it is all on your terms. The swinger mantra “no means no” is honored. You can have the experience you want whatever that means for you.

The Prof and I have enjoyed this atmosphere and have learned from the experiences. The bottom line for the very hottest time is to communicate clearly with everyone in your orbit.

If you are sexy dancing with someone and that is as far as you would like to take it, say so.

If you want to take things further, there is nothing more fun than a well-thought-out proposition like, “You are turning me on so much dancing. I would love to feel your sexy hips moving under me like that. Would you like to come to my room?” Obviously, if you are partnered, you have already communicated with your partner about such an arrangement. Now it is time to give that person time to communicate with their partner if they have one.

Knowing that when you proposition someone or a couple that we all share the same right to enjoy the sex we want and when we want it. A simple no is an acceptable answer for anyone and everyone. That is part of the beauty of free sexual expression. Don't read into a declined invitation. Let it be and move on. Know that you are amazing and sexy and only the right experiences for you will come to pass.

When the right experience does happen it is the ultimate satisfaction. Watching people last night in the group playrooms alone can get me off, but when you become a part of that energy it is wild. The Prof and I enjoyed each other last night with sexy people watching. Just feeling their arousal through their eyes on me was just the edge I needed. Hearing the sounds of other hotties being satisfied in so many creative ways builds the heat between The Prof and me.

The Prof always sends me into uncharted sexual territory. His nuanced knowledge of my desires due to our strong communication as well as his masterful ability to play my body like his own personal musical instrument leads to the hottest times every time. Last night he would get me to the very edge of a powerful orgasm and leave me there with no resolution. When he knew that the next time he built up my desire was the time, he intentionally brought me over the edge into two wild climaxes. Both much stronger and satisfying than if he had just given me what I wanted the first time. The Prof just knows.

As I write the sun has come back out, the music from the pool is calling and The Prof is probably finishing his workout. It is time for me to get out into the Miami sun before I really get the full experience of the heat again tonight!
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