SS 22: Bisexuality and You – Part 2


In Ep 22, we wrap up our big discussion about male and female bisexuality, crossing our way into pansexuality and omnisexuality and everything in between. We discuss the journey of the bisexual male, the evolution of acceptance (and hotness) of the bisexual female, the stereotypes and biases against both and the growing need for non-monogamy to be its own subclass.

On this show: Cooper, Ginger, Dylan, Shira B.Katz, & Kidder Kaper



A podcast about swinging, polyamory, open relationships, and "the lifestyle" from the trenches. A diverse group tackles many issues involved with non-monogamy and what it means to be a swinger or polyamorous from the point of view of educating and illuminating what, for many, is a confusing journey to start on. Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe via RSS


  1. I'd like to say that "I'm your audience!"

    I love that you are willing to discuss the things that we as a community consider taboo. Speaking as another bisexual male swinger, who is not willing to be as open about my sexuality as I should be, with other swingers.

    • I can tell you that despite my initial reservations about coming out as openly bi, I’ve found several experiences where my openness has led to someone else admitting interests to me. I’ve also not encountered any negativity at all about it. More men in this lifestyle are interested than you’d ever expect, most are just waiting for the door to open a bit first. Good luck!

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