SS 23: Coming Out With Kendra Holliday


In Ep 23, we spend a long evening with our friend Kendra Holliday, who on National Coming Out day, revealed her identity to the world on her website The Beautiful Kind. Over the course of an hour and a half, we talk with Kendra about the time since she came out to the world, the difficulties she's had with her community and her ex husband, and how it feels to be a source of sex positive information in a difficult world. We then move beyond to our own feelings about coming out as swingers, polyamorous, non-monogamous, or even simply sex positive.

On this show: Cooper, Ginger, Dylan, Shira B.Katz, & Kendra Holliday

Show notes:

The Riverfront Times Article about Kendra: NSFW: The St. Louis mom behind sex blog the Beautiful Kind is outing herself

The Riverfront Times Article about Kendra's pussy: Top Ten Things That Have Been Inside The Beautiful Kind's Vagina: NSFW

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  1. Don't forget about us in monogamous relationships who also support you. I try to speak up when I hear unjustified assumptions and judgments (including the "did you hear XXX is screwing around" bits without knowing the relationship involved). It does cause others to be uncomfortable, and they immediately assume I'm lying about our relationship being monogamous. There's less fall-out than for poly/swinger/other people coming out, but there still is fall-out just for supporting those people.

  2. Kendra is a wonderful, honest person. I have learned how to be more open and acceptant about sex and a lot of it has to do with her. She is bringing sex positivity to St. Louis and I support her all the way. Go TBK!

  3. This show was "Smoken" Hot… I'm looking forward to the next one. The end message left me needing a cold shower… thanks!

    Castiel.. of The Beautiful Kind

  4. Things like the custody issue are examples of why more people should be out.
    If more people are out then it doesn't seem so strange to vanilla folk.
    If it doesn't seem so strange then when someone tries to use a persons sexual life against them it won't work because people will just say "so what, who cares?"

  5. still in the closet on

    A very interesting podcast. The parts about her being fired from her job, the people criticizing her and her child, being kicked out of Girl Scouts and the child custody issue angered me a lot. Those people are sexually repressed close minded jerks but the more I thought about it I realized that just a few short years ago I probably would have been counted as one of those jerks! Thanks to being exposed to the lifestyle for the past couple of years and listening to podcasts such as lifeontheswingset, SIF, and swingercast I have left behind most if not all of my prejudices and close-mindedness. I do have to believe that most of the Kendra's detractors are secretly envious of her amazing sex life and the openess she now has. My wife and I would love to be able to be as open as she but the lost friends, being kicked out of service groups, school and church that would probably result make it pretty much of a non option for us.

  6. still in the closet on

    Yes Cooper we are Catholic and Christian AND open minded swingers. We are not bible-thumping Jesus freaks. We don't toe the line in regards to church teaching on sex and we have not taught our kids this repressed view, but the church and God are still an important and integral part of our lives that we have no plans on giving up. I love Jesus. His fan club though I can do without. Fanatics of any stripe can be a pain in the ass. And painting a big community with a large brush is usually a bad idea.)

    While I applaud Kendras coming out and the sex positive way she is raising her daughter, I still have a tendency to agree somewhat with the notion that at least for people who are parents, coming out might be best left until the kids are older. We wish Kendra the best and thanks to all at lifeontheswingset for producing the most diverse sex-positive swing podcast around! Keep up the great work!

    BTW We need an orgasm at the end of every show!

    • Pssst, I'm a Catholic and a swinger too! Thank you for sharing this! I have long been of the opinion that having an active group sex life and having an active faith life are not diametrically opposed experiences. It's not easy to be part of both worlds, and I think there is guilt associated with both sides: I'm a bad Catholic because I'm a swinger, or I'm a bad swinger because I'm Catholic. Neither is true! While I would probably never come out in my Catholic community as a swinger, I do wish that more people in the swinger community would come out as Catholics, or Christians, or whatever religious affiliation they have without fear. I think there are more of us out there than you think. 🙂

  7. No offense to agnostics, but “do as ye will, but harm none” is a fundamental belief in a lot of religions.

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