You Are Not In Control Today


Saucy Wench's Sexy BlogHe texted and asked if I could come by. I texted back and said yes, but only for an hour. Out the door to, allegedly, go to the gym for a quickie workout. Quickie, indeed!

I pull up. He's on the front porch. He opens the door, walks in, leaves the door open for me. I run in, drop my purse, drop my sneaks, drop my clothes and climb the stairs to his bedroom. He is waiting – behind the door. I walk in, he pops out, grabs me and throws me on the bed. Kissing is fast and furious and he tells me, “you are not in control today”. Ok. Whatever you say, Sugar.

He licks my neck, my ears, then asks me to turn over onto my tummy. He begins to lick my neck, my shoulders, my spine, my hips, my legs, my toes. My toes. Somewhere NO ONE has ever gone before. I loved it! He sucked my toes for 5 minutes and I thought I was going to pop out of my head. He licked up the inside of my thighs and flirted with my pussy lips. They are big, bad, and ready to be sucked. And said they were beautiful. He lifted my hips up and shoved his face into my snatch. He was buried in me. I could smell me all over him. I started to buck and he tried to hold my hips still. To no avail. I wanted to flip over and have him fuck the shit out of me. But, remember, I was not in control.

He licked me for a good 20 minutes and wouldn't stop. I looked back at him and noticed that his cock was sticking out of the “boy hole” in his boxers. I asked if I could hold it. “No,” he said.

He flipped me over and I was so excited that he was going to fuck me. No. No fucking. More licking. Ohhhhh, mooooorrreee licking. I thought I was going to die…three orgasms in. I only had an hour, so if the fucking was going to happen, it was going to happen NOW.

He lifted me up off the bed and put me up against his bedroom windows, which over looked a parking lot in his townhome neighborhood. It's broad daylight and there is a lot of activity. “Perfect! Fuck me right here, against these windows.”

He turned me to face the windows, lifted my hands above my head and held them there. He pulled his cock out of his boxers and slipped his cock deep inside of me. Yes, there were people down in the parking lot and yes, they could see us. Yes, there were people pointing at us from down in the parking lot and yes, I liked it.

He started pounding me a little harder and my breath became a little more rapid. I also started raising my volume a bit. And so did he! And everyone could hear. They were watching us – some very obviously and some more discretely. He stuffed me one more time and came like a wild man. I was expecting an ovation from the “crowd” below, but didn't get one. Maybe next time.

I turned around and passionately kissed him as I bolted to put my clothes on. Sexy Firefighter walked me to the door, kissed me on the neck and away I went.


I'm a suburban mommy with an edge. A loving, supportive, caring mommy when the kids are home and a saucy, naughty, sexual animal when they are not! I'm the MILF your mama warned you about...but the one you can't resist, no matter how hard you try!

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