Review: Dai-Do No. 6 by Big Teaze Toys


Big Teaze Toys' Dai-Do No. 6 ReviewI'm so in love with the Dai-Do No. 6! It's an exquisite and simple steel toy that can be used for women or men. The Dai-Do No. 6 provides the most unbelievable G-Spot and P-Spot(prostate) stimulation that I know you'll totally fall in love with.

The Dai-Do No. 6 from Big Teaze Toys is designed to reach and stimulate your G-Spot or P-Spot. Its spherical shaped bulb head fits precisely in the palm of your hand.  The handle has a silicone band around it so your hand will never slip off and you can maintain control. The head on the toy has a considerable amount of weight in it, but has just enough heft to it that your wrists won't hurt, allowing you to add more pressure and manuever freely.  Dripping down from the head, like a tear drop, the base has a smaller round tip that is designed to press up against your desired spot of pleasure. The curvy shape of the Dai-Do No. 6 is a perfect fit for anyone.

At first I was a little unsure what to expect from a toy shaped like this. It wasn't as long as my other steel toys and I didn't think it was going do anything for me. After grasping the icy cold, silky red steel toy in my hand and gently gliding it into my steamy hot pussy, I knew I was in heaven. I warmed it up by rubbing it over and around my clit. After warming the toy up, I slid it inside me softly and smoothly and within seconds it had located my G-Spot. I applied just a moderate amount of pressure, just enough so that I couldn't even feel it pushing up against my G-Spot. It was the most delicate pressure, but gave it gave the most intense stimulation. Only after a few pounding thrusts I was orgasisming and gushing everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!

I was flabbergasted.  I was turned on by what the Dai-Do No. 6 did to me. I think I used it 5 more times after that first time and each time I had an explosion of pleasure and cum. Plus, I noticed that after several uses that the steel was really warm to the touch. It was holding in all the heat from my hand and body as I inserted it over and over again inside of me. Even later when I went to pick it up it was still holding in a great deal of warmth. So I know if I chilled the core of the Dai-Do No. 6 first that I would get a completely new sensation. I decided to put the Dai-Do No. 6 in the freezer for a bit and was so surprised by how much I enjoyed the bitter cold steel inside my body. I'm normally not one for cold objects being thrusted up inside me, but this felt wonderful. The curves of my body slowly warmed the steel and made me tickle all over.

Dai-Do No. 6 was absolutely fabulous for P-spot play as well. I applied a small about of lube to the base and slowly manuevered the frigid steel into my sweetie's ass. It was chilly at first, but the temperature rose very quickly once I started pressing the toy into him deeper. I didn't apply very much pressure, but that was all it took for him to feel the steel hitting his P-spot. He enjoyed how the Dai-Do No. 6 made him feel, it was great for warming him up.

I'm so happy that I found the Dai-Do No. 6. It has gotten so much play from my hubby and I and know it will be getting a lot more play in the very near future. I know that you will in total bliss too once you try it our for yourself.

Dai-Do No. 6 by Big Teaze Toys comes in two colors, Red Devotion and Black Passion and includes a black satin pouch to store your toy in.


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