Kendra Holliday’s First Full Swap (Pt 2)


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Kendra Holliday's First Full Swap (The Beautiful Kind Swings)

During a pause, Stephen suggested brightly, “I have a suggestion. Kendra, how about you and Amy go down on Tim, while I watch, and then we can take turns.”

I agreed wholeheartedly. “I believe it is every man’s god given right to have his cock sucked by two women at once, at least once,” I declared.

Within a moment, Tim was getting head from two beautiful women. Amy would suck on his head, and I would lick his balls, then we would both lick his shaft, our exposed asses in Stephen’s face, which he found delightful. Tim was writhing and groaning with ecstasy. Then we switched to Stephen, and worked him over. It was the first time for either guy to have this privilege, and now they could officially die happy.

Next Tim ate me out and Stephen and Amy kissed on sucked on my breasts. Then Stephen started eating Amy out as she kissed me. Tim came up and started kissing me hard, licking my face, pinching my nipples til it hurt. He was so keyed up that he couldn’t wait to fuck. He started pushing his way into me.

“Whoah hold on there,” I said, scooting back and reaching for my purse. “Lemme get a condom for you.”

He backed off, disappointed, saying, “I can’t wear one, it makes me go limp.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to try?” we asked, but he had quickly moved on to fucking Amy. He bent her over and got her from behind, her head in my crotch, Stephen kneeling over us. He fucked her fast and furious, then gasped between thrusts, “Amy, suck his cock.” Immediately she complied, and I got to watch in up close amazement as her face was pushed into his cock, over and over, her hair falling into her face, her mouth and pussy full of cock.

They changed positions, taking it missionary on the other bed. Stephen and I sat back and watched their energetic spectacle. After several moments, Tim pulled out and spurted cum all over the waist of Amy’s pantyhose, and we gave a little cheer. Then he sat out, and Stephen asked for a turn. I fetched them a towel to wipe up the extra cum, and he positioned himself between her legs. His cock was heavy and hard and ready. My god, she was so sexy to take all this.
He kneeled before her honey hued body and pushed his way in, and they moved together smoothly. He put her legs up on his shoulders, and kissed her stockinged feet, and kneaded her dark nipples. It was gorgeous to watch. I sat next to Tim and grinned like the cat that ate the canary.

I always wondered what he looked like as he fucked me, his expression, his ass muscles, and now I got to see him give another woman pleasure the way he did me time and time again. I always thought those porno guys had the worst expressions on their face, like they were taking a dump or something, but Stephen looked…beautiful. He had the dreamiest, happiest little smile playing on his lips. I could tell he was enjoying himself immensely. They looked each other in the eye, and she said softly, “You’re so sexy.”

After a bit, they changed positions. She was doggy style, with her face and chest pressed against the pillows, and her eyes on Tim. I jumped up before they got started again, and said, “Ooh ooh, can I put it in?” They laughed a little and said sure, so I took his weighty sheathed cock in my trembling hand and guided it towards her pussy. It slid in easily, and I stepped away, feeling supremely satisfied. I was fucking her vicariously through him. His cute little ass clenched as he pumped, his lean, hairy body naked, save the white athletic socks bunched at his ankles.

Meanwhile, Tim sat there, and every moment his expression changed just a little, until he wore a frozen grimace. I suppose that after shooting his wad, it was strange for him to see his wife with another man, especially when Stephen turned to him and said with all sincerity, “You’re a lucky guy.”

Amy finally spoke up. “Honey, are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” he said quickly.

“No really, are you all right?” she said firmly.

“OK, maybe not,” he said.

Stephen immediately withdrew, saying, “By all means, let’s stop.” He came over to my side, pulling off the condom as Amy beckoned Tim over, “Cm’ere, honey.”

We snuggled a little, and instead of Stephen finishing off with me, we moved into a transitional lull.

My main concern at this point was that we alienated Tim, but he quickly rebounded. After a quick snuggle with his gal, he was animatedly sharing anecdotes about his life, what his job as an air traffic controller was like, a recent furniture purchase gone wrong, disciplining their kids. Amy sleepily asked for the time, and when she found out it was 5am, she sat up and announced, “Honey, that’s our cue that we need to go!” And still he went on for another 20 minutes, and as we stood politely in our underwear to see them off and he was shrugging into his coat, he first insisted that we both try the coat on to see just how warm it was. Only after we both tried it on and affirmed that yes, it was quite warm, did they leave the dream world, braving the harsh and icy reality.

That was the beginning of a close friendship with them that lasted over a year.



  1. I'm curious to know if the condom issue had been broached before the threesome came up… and if you followed up in any way afterwards? Did Tim refuse to wear a condom for the entire year+ friendship?

    The story is hot but I'm distracted by the fact he tried to mount you bareback… and then spouted the line we all used once in high school.

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