New Lady – A Three Way Scene of Domination and Submission


New Lady - A Three Way Scene of Domination and SubmissionAs I am embracing my new found freedom (sexually and relationships), I have discovered that no one is outside my radar.  I have always played (fondling and spanking) with girls and ladies but never dated any of them.  Until recently, I never tapped into that side of myself.  I have started to date a wonderful lady (Miss K).  She is a fashion designer, rope bottom, and former professional domme (a female dominant that is paid by a submissive to dominate them).  I was instantly attracted to her when I met her during an orgy with my crush couple (a couple that I would love to date but unable to and have a crush on).  Our first date was the standard dinner and a movie and we talked very openly about what our expectations are for dating.  I was happy to learn that our wants were very much in-line.  Miss K explained to me that she was a dominant and I wanted to respect that.  I rid myself of thoughts of her being submissive to me because I enjoyed her company so much.

As the new year began, we promised each other that we would be the other’s first date of 2011.  We met up at another kinkster’s home for a casual drinking gathering.  She look positively radiant in a stunning red dress and 6 inch black/red stilettos.  As we stood together talking, a very attractive man/friend/kinkster (Mr.T) enter our view.  I made sure to point him out and we agreed that he was quite delicious.  We were definitely the toast of the evening especially after we removed all our clothes.  At one point she sat up on Mr.T’s lap and laid a fully lustful kiss to his firm lips.  As I watched, a flash of jealousy rush past my heart and then happiness filled me.  The jealousy was remnants of monogamy and wanting to keep her for myself but the happiness thrived as she smiled and was welcomed by someone I would call a friend.  Later in the evening, Miss K pulled me aside and ask if I minded that she kissed Mr.T.  As I looked into her beautiful almond shaped eyes and searched my heart, I knew that I would not have it any other way and respond, “No” as I kissed her forehead.  She let out a breath saying, “Good because Mr.T is very cute.”  I agreed with a simple head nod.  Miss K solemnly turned to me and surprised me by asking if Mr. T and I would dominate her.  With a very wide smile, I said, “Yes.”  She looked concerned and confessed that she wasn’t sure how to ask him.  I wrapped her in hug and whispered “I will take care of it.”

The last party-goer dressed and left around 1am.  I had spoke with Mr.T a few moments earlier and he was intrigued by the prospect of playing with us.  Our host emerged from the bedroom, he took one look as the three of us in our underwear and shook his head with a smile.  To my happiness, Miss K is an strong submissive (someone that you as a dominate must fight to control).  She began to try to bite Mr.T and myself but the two of us were quite capable of keeping her pinned to the floor.  The host looked down at her and asked if we needed anything and Mr.T asked for an apple.  A rosy, candy green Granny Smith was handed to Mr.T by our host.  Mr.T smiled deviously and placed the edible gag to her lips.  “Now open your mouth and bite down and don’t drop it,” he stated.  The words were dripping with evil and brought a satisfying smile to my face.  She was instructed to sit up from her laying position and neatly fold her hands in her lap as she sat on her shins.  Earlier Miss K had lit candles to set the mood for our lusty scene.  Her vanilla skin glowed as the green gag shined from her mouth.  I put her dark brown hair into a neat ponytail as she sat very still in her commanded position.  Mr.T and I consumed the a space away from her on the floor. He told her to crawl to us and her gag was freed for a few moments.  He took a firm bite and let his lips linger over the apple skin.  I was handed the apple with a kiss from those same lip. I replaced the apple into its gagging spot between her fushia lips.  As I explored the host’s space, I found a pants hanger and a leather strap with a wooden handle.  I displayed my discoveries to Mr.T, whose horrible smile let me know that he agree with all that my black heart desired.  I fixed the pants clips to her nipples that were perfectly spaced for the hanger. She tried to scream as I put them on but the apple did not allow such noises to be uttered.  The teeth of the hanger did not grip perfectly and one fell off.  I used the wooden handle to smack off the second one. A muffled cry of terror was the result of my action.  Mr. T removed the apple and put her on her stomach for a hogtie. As soon as the gag was removed, she moved her head to bite Mr.T.  I caught her by the hair and pinned her with my legs as Mr.T completed his hogtie.  I rose from my seated position to change the music and my eyes caught the glow of the candle.  Suddenly her gorgeous tattooed back shined as bright as the candles.  I picked up the tealight that had been light for at least an hour and poured the hot wax to her back.  Her moans of pain was like the sweet song to my ears. With a hunger for more sounds, I light the bag of 100 tealights and began a shared mission to cover her lovely skin with wax. During our wax play, Mr.T and I used spoons to remove the wax and lay a few strong firm hits to our little playmate.  I concentrated my strikes and bites to her inner thighs, which is Mr.T’s favorite spot to slap.  We ended our four hours scene with a set of hard strikes from Mr. T and a very large candle full of wax.  To our surprise an outline of a heart emerged on her inner thigh. She and I when for a shower as Mr.T left for home.  The two of us spooned in the living room under  warm blankets.  As she curled next to me with my arm around her waist, I drifted off to sleep from a wonderful second date.


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