Dinner Gone Wild – Tequila, Great Sex, & New Beginnings


Dinner at the bar with three friends. A vanilla couple that I adore and a beautiful man that I've gotten to know better, lately.

Flowing margaritas turned into a tequila tasting. Tequila makes me wild (wilder than I would normally). And horny. On the way back to get our cars at the couple's house, we stop for a nightcap – as if we needed one. We stayed for a bit and it was clear that my friend and I needed some quality time together.

He and I retire to a quiet place downstairs and crawl all over each other. We have great sex! It's absolutely delicious. He asks me, “would you like two men tonight?” “Sure.” My friend runs upstairs to gather up the man and comes back with the couple. Bonus!

I've never been with this couple but they do know about my lifestyle.

One thing leads to another and we are all naked and swapping partners. I'm kissing all over everyone enjoying every moment of this. After a proper fucking against and on top of a table, I ask if I can spend the night as it appears that I am waaaay too shit-faced to drive.

I retire to one of their guest rooms and ask if my friend can stay also. I got the thumbs up and we went to the room to have our own private party.

We fucked for about an hour more then we both collapsed. He slid up next to me and snuggled close. It's been awhile since I have slept with a man wrapped around me. It felt so good.

He is a great guy. Unavailable, but great. We will get to see each other once in awhile. That's cool with me. I'm just really glad we are friends.

And my friendship with the vanilla couple has a new layer added to it now.

Dinner gone wild. Damn tequila!


I'm a suburban mommy with an edge. A loving, supportive, caring mommy when the kids are home and a saucy, naughty, sexual animal when they are not! I'm the MILF your mama warned you about...but the one you can't resist, no matter how hard you try!

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