SS 32: Cooper & Marilyn’s Excellent Adventure – Swinging at Desire Resort & Spa


Cooper and Marilyn just got back from Desire, but in between the nonstop playtime and suntanning and hottubbing and drinking and dining, they found time to record a full trip diary detailing their time spent at Desire Resort & Spa in Cancun. (Well, they found time to record two out of the three trip reports, the third was recorded, sadly, in cold Chicago.) So here it is, in its entirety, Cooper and Marilyn's Excellent Adventure!

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  1. To be fair, Cooper, V&C were not signed up with the SiF group. While we are welcoming to all, we certainly cannot be held accountable for people feeling excluded who are not even in our guest roster. Our first priority is to the guests that signed up with SiF. -Lorax

  2. Oo captain Jack Hartness.. *gushy*

    Think im gona try to pitch the next nov, trip to my hubby as the honeymoon we never got. Next yr is our 10yr. =)  Already requested information from trip booking company

  3. We’ve been thinking about going to Desire for a while now. This podcast just made the decision for us! Do you suggest signing up with Sex is Fun or is Swingset doing their own trip now?

    Love the podcast. Keep it up.


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  5. Is there a swingers travel agent? A “ride the bride” train might be a good idea,but it’s probably be best if it starts on the east coast heading west so you’ll have an extra hour to meat new couples.

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