Cradle Robbing – Age Gaps In Swinging


Cradle Robbing - Age In Swinger DatingThrough our Craigslist ad, we were approached by a couple significantly younger than us. By significantly, I mean almost 20 years younger. We are almost forty. This couple was just finishing up college.

We were very open about our ages, and feeling pretty good about the fact that we were still hot enough and fit enough that these young things would want to meet up with us. Where to meet was challenging since the little lady was still two weeks away from her 21st birthday.

“Are we crazy to do this?” I thought. But of course for Mr. Doubleplay, what a fantasy to have the chance for hot sex with a young co-ed. And I was intrigued. So we set up the meeting.

The couple ended up being remarkably mature for their age. They had been dating for almost four years and they were very solid in their relationship—a requirement for a positive swinging experience! They had trouble finding others their age to play with. We were surprised to hear this, since it seems that threesomes especially are much more common in college these days. I hear college guys talking opening about their sexual exploits all the time in lines at the local burrito place.

We entered into the date just expecting that we would share our experiences. We waited almost an hour for them to arrive. It was bed time for us. But I suppose it was just the start of the evening for them.

They arrived and shook our hands. He was a towering 6 foot 7. She was a petite 5 foot even. They still had lots of questions about the lifestyle, and we shared our stories. I worked hard to keep the conversation on topics that we shared in common—hot sex, music. Umm…. Hot sex?

At one point they asked, “So, do you guys have any kids?”

“Best not to go there, I think!” I blurted with a smile. And quickly asked them another question about themselves.

Finally Mr. Doubleplay gulped and said, “Do we fit within your age range?”

“Yes!” the male young thing responded quickly. “We have had so many couples say, ‘Sorry, you’re too young.’ We think you guys are great!” The sweet female young thing nodded her head and invited us back to her apartment.

We followed them back to a college apartment that the sweet young thing shared with three roommates (all were away for the summer). The apartment was sparsely furnished since her roommate had just taken home lots of the furniture. Her bedroom was a mess and really small, she said. So we sat down at the dinette set with vodka and cranberry juice.

We though they would need an icebreaker, so we brought the card game Swingset. We took turns playing the cards, with activities that built up from sitting on laps and whispering fantasies to sucking nipples, three-way kisses, and then on two double blow jobs. At this point we learn that the sweet young thing has her period and is therefore limited in her activities. But that doesn’t stop the male young thing from taking me doggie style right there on the rug. The sweet young thing sits Mr. Doubleplay in a chair and they engage in a long tease of a lap dance with lots of kissing and dirty talking, and lots of sucking of his cock. He seemed quite happy although he was wishing she’d just break down and let him have at her.

“Next time,” she said with a smile.

I think I gave the male young thing quite a ride. I wore him out in fact. He came hard and looked at me and said, “From this angle, you don’t look at day older than 27.” Hmmm… thanks I guess?


Mrs. Doubleplay is 40-something mom living in the middle of America with kids, a career, and pretty house in the suburbs. She’s active in her local church, coaches the kids’ soccer games, and happens to have a secret life as a swinger. Married to her high school sweetheart, Mr. Doubleplay, the couple dipped their toes in the lifestyle for a couple of years but then dropped off the radar to have kids. They rejoined the lifestyle in 2005 and haven’t looked back. They have been soft swap from the start but are working their way toward greater forms of adventure as we meet hot couples on lifestyle vacations, swinger clubs, and online websites.


  1. To any of u women who were sexually molested or abused as kids &
    were made to feel like this is all you’re worth – raise yourself up out
    of this because intrinsically You R Worth Better. If a man will not PROVE he loves u by marrying u & being Faithful Only to YOU: then send him packing. You deserve better & can have better. To the rest of u here: u people are all unwise, immature, grotesque pigs who r worse than animals. Love, loyalty, & decency have no meaning in your universe. Thats right- dont kid yourself that your ‘primary relationship partner’ actually gives a u-know-what about u, much less loves u. Every once in a blue moon its good for decent, civilized people to read what some ‘swingers’ write in order to remind ourselves of what kind of grotesque weirdos exist around us. Mrs Doubtfire is active in her ‘church’? What church would that be: Satanism? Bestiality? What every one of u deserves is to one day answer some swinger ad w/ fake pictures & wind up meeting up w/your own parents. You’re that grotesque. No civilization. I feel so sorry for any poor kids that have to call u their ‘parents.’ It’s so sad that apparently all of you will never know the profound sweetness of a One True Love. So u met in high school? That doesn’t make it a One True Love. If u’r swinging, dont kid yourself – under the right conditions that person will dump u in a heartbeat as if u’r trash. But it’s also so funny how u people always try to mention that u live in a ‘nice house’ in the suburbs as if that makes u normal or ‘totally acceptable’- because of what- a house? Just like people who think that if their house is in a higher tax-bracket than someone else’s, they think theyre- what – somehow automatically ‘better’ than them? Its so obvious u’r trash compared to them. There are millions of people living in apartments who at least have Class. The location of the place u live doesn’t give u class. You’re proof of that.

    • My favorite part is the over use of the letter U to represent the word You. =) Oh! And “Mrs Doubtfire” I LOVE that movie!

    • Simmer down missy! Maybe you should harness some of that sexual frustration and rage you are taking out on these creative happy people and have a little intimate fun with your so called soul mate. I fail to see how it is anyone’s obligation to judge and be a hater.
      No one is judging you for your apparent boring lifestyle. Glad you had a reality check for yourself, but there is no need for your comments above, you really showed your narrow minded ignorance. Sorry to be blunt about you, but you opened the door…just sayin’

      • Props for “Simmer down missy!”  And for the record, I AM judging her. There’s no excuse for being boring. =)

    • As a person who is struggling to make ends meet, get more than a part time job and not lose this little piece of land with shelter on it I call my home, I sympathize with you. As a person in a committed relationship, the deep respect and love I have with my husband is profound. I can well up with joy every time for the love and absolute devotion I have with him. As a swinger, I can express my need for human connection through a very fun, healthy and fulfilling way with people I care about as friends. It certainly beats talking about sports or going to a bar to get trashed or the worst when the girls pair off and talk about their loveless marriage and the guys trade tips of how to coheres their wives to have sex with them more often. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the zoo.

  2. Mrs. Doubleplay… fantastic post! 

    Tonia and I are 30, but we definitely love being with older, more experienced couples. I -adore- older women and wish we were looked at less like a newbie young couple and more as potential equals. 🙂

    Also, 123Melissa, upvotes to you for reinforcing how ignorant you are. Your lack of english proficiency is matched only by your lack of coherent thought. Cheers to you m’am!

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