Just the Tip – Trying Different Aspects of Non-Monogamy


Just the Tip - Trying Different Aspects of Non-MonogamyJust the tip is a concept of teasing done by a man where he gives his lover just the tip of his cock, in her mouth, her pussy, her ass. Strokes her sensitive places with just the tip, teasing her with the lightest of penetration, never going all the way in. A girl could be driven to madness with this teasing, driven to begging and pleading for sure, her body writhing and reaching trying – to no avail – to pull the rest of his cock inside of her. She would quickly be longing to feel the satisfaction of fullness he could bring her, the breathtaking, heart stopping moment of total entry. If you do this to your lover she will grow more agitated, more forceful, scratching at your back pulling you closer, she will beg, plead, promise, threaten, anything it takes to convince you to give her the satisfaction your teasing promises. She will not be satisfied with just the tip when she craves the entire length of you inside of her. She will not be satisfied with teasing strokes when she desires to be fucked senseless.

I believe the just-the-tip concept can be applied to the Lifestyle. There are so many aspects to the Lifestyle that it is difficult for someone like me to choose one without all or at least many of the others. In my experience, exploration of one thing leads to exploration of another and another and that one leads to another, if you are open to following the trail. Each new place on the trail satisfying for a moment before bringing thoughts of what else might be. This is the just-the-tip concept in action.

I am an insatiably curious person who loves to follow a trail to its very end. I started with curiosities about kissing my girlfriends in high school and being in the same room once when my friend and her boyfriend were on the bed having sex and me and my boyfriend were on the floor. I loved hearing them, being able to sneak peeks at them. I went from that to talking to couples in Las Vegas, during my very short-lived single life, about joining them for a threesome. I didn't, but the thought left me wet and horny. Those explorations led me to asking my then-husband how he would feel about bringing another girl into our sex life. The idea was met with mixed emotions from him and it never happened. That never stopped me from being curious about it and frustrated at not being able to explore it.

I found Trble and I had my first threesome, like the tip of a cock brushing over my lips, I wanted more. We met a couple, played with them. Same room, full swap, brush goes the tip of the cock over swollen pussy lips. More. More. I want more. We had a long-term girlfriend, a touch of polyamory, exploring emotions and feelings we hadn't touched on or opened before and the tip of the teasing cock presses against my ass, want writhing inside. I want more.

We pulled out of the Lifestyle for a while. I could not deny the simple fact that I was not ready to quit exploring the possibilities. Life brought us another long-term girlfriend. The circumstances surrounding the way she was brought into our life a gentle stroke of the tip, making me want it to be ok to seek out the attention of possible male partners. I got the ok, after much discussion, to keep my eyes open for a potential third for the MMF fantasy. Stroke, short shallow teasing stroke. I want more.

We meet a couple we have incredible chemistry with. I am kissing him in the bedroom and Trble is kissing her in the kitchen, ideas of taking him right there swimming in my head, the tip parts my lips just enough to make me ache with want of it all. I want more.

Through our adventures in blogging and Twitter and Tumblr I discovered I have a submissive side. Trble and I play with that a little, tying my hands, spankings, blindfolds. Teasing strokes again, the tip pushing my mouth open but pulling back as I try to pull it in. I want more. I am unable to submit to Trble but the desire to explore my submissive side is overwhelming. I watch the D/s in the timelines, I read the blogs, can't get enough of the pictures; quick strokes of the tip over my soaking wet cunt. I want more.

Trble has a woman he would love to take to bed. She is a veto on my list so I gave him a hall pass. This thought excites me, makes me wet. I want to know more about how his actually doing it would make me feel, how would I react to it. There is that teasing stroke again, pushing inside just enough to give me hope that there will be more. Reaching for it, begging. I want more.

We talk of going to swinger's parties. I can feel myself wet with want and anticipation. I can almost feel the swell of a satisfied fullness then the talk stops and the teasing strokes continue. Crying with the frustration and need. I want more.

Some people find a place in the exploration of their sexuality where they are comfortable and content to stay. Others are insatiably curious, desiring to wantonly and recklessly explore every branching path, no matter how short or how long. They desire to learn all they can about themselves and soak up all life has to offer, every experience  – good or bad – and use it to write their story. The will greedily pull the experiences to them, begging to be let loose to find out how it feels, to experience it fully, they will scratch as they buck to meet the tip of Lifestyle cock, thrusting it deep within – not stopping until they are fully sated, every corner explored, every trail visited. The experiences stored away within the core of themselves, a life lived to its fullest, wildest, most amazing potential.

I am a swinger wife. Same room full swap bisexual swinger wife, but sometimes I feel like that is only a small part of my sexuality. I feel like same room full swap and threesomes are akin to getting just the tip. They are wonderful, delicious teases of the rest of what the Lifestyle holds. But if there is no chance of a full submersion into all it has to offer and experience then they are only incredibly frustrating, teasing strokes of the tip to a curious soul who longs to be fucked senseless in every way.


I am just another girl on the swingset. A happily married potentially poly mom of five sons with a wild side and stubborn streak. Looking for something worth believing in, I found Life on the Swingset and love that I can be a part of it. Sexually driven, finally living out the fantasies that have always been inside me, I love sex and everything about it. I hope to help spread a positive message about sex, pleasure and the lifestyle. With the support of my husband, Trbl, I am living my life the only way I know how, full out and with no worries. Follow me at www.twitter.com/lustyjezzy

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  1. Wow, reading that I found myself relating and being incredibly turned on.  You are an amazing writer and you really put into words something I have been feeling and struggling with.  I think a lot of us feel like this, wanting and needing more.  Lately, I have been wondering why. Is there a need of  approval? connection? exploration? inhibition? Perhaps it is an intoxicating mixture of needs and wants that are met by pulling in more than the tip.  What ever it is – it’s true – let’s live life to the fullest, the good, the bad and the ugly and know that we have explored it all and found happiness in a world we have custom built for ourselves instead of taking the prefabricated one society hands us.



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