Broccoli and Anal Sex


Broccoli and Anal SexI have a theory.

A theory about broccoli and anal sex. Sounds like an odd theory, but really it  makes so much sense. Let me explain.

A few years back I was seeing a personal trainer at the gym. She was helping me with my fitness and with my diet. She insisted that I needed to eat more vegetables. I really, really, really hate vegetables. But she was so insistent . So I tried, but seriously, me and veggies are just not friends. She kept telling me that if I would just eat a few bites of broccoli with each meal, eventually I would like broccoli and soon I would love it and one day, I would even crave it. She told me to try it a few different ways, try it raw and then try it steamed. She said use sauces, in moderation of course, to help me get used to the taste and texture. She suggested mixing it in with rice or putting it on the fork with a bite of chicken. She was a smart girl.

I was paying her a lot of money for her advice so I decided to take it. So I did all the things she suggested. I found ways that eating broccoli was bearable. Figured out how to season it, what consistency to cook it too and which parts of the little tree shaped vegetable I liked and didn't like. After all that, sure enough, here we are a few years later and I actually like broccoli. Sometimes I even crave it. You might be thinking, what in the world does broccoli have to do with anal sex. Well, basically I have a husband who loves anal sex and he is also well-endowed – making anal sex quite uncomfortable. So what's a wife to do?

I, being the good wifey I am, decided to apply my trainer's broccoli theory to having anal sex with my husband. I figured the more I experimented with anal the easier, more pleasant it would become. At the very least, I hoped for the ability to allow him back door access without bringing me to tears. At best, I was hoping that I would come to crave it, to love it, to truly enjoy it – although I was very doubtful we'd ever reach that point. So we took our time, moved slow, he had lots of patience and let me go at my pace and as soon as it became uncomfortable we stopped. In the beginning the moment of stopping came even before he was all the way in. Each time he could go a little further in, the strokes going from shallow to a little deeper, a little longer. I had to play with my clit to distract from the discomfort. Then, one day on a cruise ship, we were spooned up on the bed in our room, watching a movie and I found myself wanting my ass stimulated. I pressed my hips to him and it didn't take long before his cock was hard and ready. When he tried to ease it into my pussy, I re-directed him with a blush and a giggle. He happily obliged me and gently fucked my ass until he came. It was the first time he had been able to stay there long enough to cum.

Over the last couple of years we have played at the back door more frequently and several times at my request and once or twice with me not asking but demanding it. We experimented with different positions, lubrications and the speed, power and depth of his thrusts. Just recently, I was actually able to enjoy anal without needing to distract myself with clit play and I even came from the last couple of ass fuckings. The most recent encounter involved the now-familiar slow-paced entry until he was fully inside of me then I allowed him to set the pace. The pace he wanted was hard and fast, pounding away, and I loved every second of it. I can cum from anal stimulation alone now and even the after-anal discomfort that usually accompanied it is not as noticeable.

See, the theory fits.


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  1. Ditto!! 🙂  Now I LOVE anal! I ask for that as much if if not more than regular sex!  Just too a little while to get use to it!!

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