A Date With Newbies


A Date With Newbies - A First Swinger DateIt had been a good while since we had met anyone new in the lifestyle, but there we were at a bar awaiting a new couple to arrive for drinks. I had talked to the man of the couple online quite a bit. From what I gathered they were very excited to meet us. In our classic style we arrived before them, so we had time to be at least half way through a drink before they arrived. I am still to new to all this to pretend to not be nervous meeting new people. Maybe you never get used to it. That wouldn’t be too bad. After all, the nervousness is part of the excitement.

After a few minutes, I got a text telling me they were in the parking lot. I told them what we were wearing and where we were seated. They entered. I knew them on sight having seen pictures and because they were an interracial couple. Something we had yet to encounter in the lifestyle. As stupid as it sounds it made it more exciting and even somewhat exotic even though I knew they were just normal people like us.

Anne and I stood up to meet them. After introductions, handshakes, and hugs, we sat down and started talking. There were the usual get to know you questions, but things quickly took a turn for the sexy. It soon became apparent that they were newbies. They had been to a party and out on a few dates, but never actually played. That was fine with us. We had never run into newbies before which was not an issue, especially considering this was the most we have clicked with anyone in the lifestyle yet. The Mrs. was very much similar to me, prone to over think and analyse every minute detail. The Mr. was very much like Anne, ready to get the party rolling and think about it later.

As the night ran on we talked about all kinds of things ranging from the ordinary (tv shows, music, etc) to the super sexy (fantasies, kinks, etc). We seemed to have very similar interests across the board. As I mentioned earlier the Mr. was very gung ho and ready to swing. The Mrs. was more on the fence unsure of what she wanted, but was willing to explore. Normally I would take this as a bad sign of the Mr. potentially trying to force the Mrs. into something. However, after talking to them I was fairly confident this was not the case. He was more than willing to take things at her speed.

Soon our night was coming to a close as it was a Sunday and everyone had to work in the morning. We told them we had a wonderful time and definitely wanted to see them again. And that is how we met our newbies. Anne and I were very excited. We really hit it off and were running on a high that was almost as good as post play time. I also wanted to pay it forward because the first people we were with in the lifestyle were awesome. After all a little karma never hurts.


An average suburbanite barely into his 30s, Jack has recently begun a more exciting secret sexy life with his wife, Anne. These experiences have led him to preach the gospel of sex positivity and safer sex to anyone who will listen.


  1. As a newbie to the lifestyle, it was really nice to hear that someone experienced also was a little nervous about meeting a new couple. Thanks for paying it forward.

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