Anne’s First Full Swap


Anne's First Full SwapI have already written about my first full swap. It occurred during a threesome involving Anne and another beautiful lady. So, Anne obviously didn’t get to full swap, but this oversight has recently been corrected. Anne has at this point I think entirely given up on writing posts for our blog. So, I am going to tell the tale of her first full swap from my perspective and its effects on me.

We were with some good friends that we had soft swapped with before and I am pretty sure they knew we were ready to full swap. They had heard about my full swap experience from me and probably through the grape-vine.

We had been flirting, cuddling, and whatnot and before long we found ourselves in the bedroom. Clothes were coming off. Everyone was having a good time. I was having legitimate trouble getting in the moment. I was, as is my nature, worried about Anne. I was too focused on her and wanting to make sure she was having fun and was ok. My head was not in the game with my play partner and I was having trouble getting hard. It wasn’t total erection failure, but I would put it at 50% to 70%. I don’t really think my partner noticed. Then my worrying turned to both about Anne’s situation and my erection. This, as one may imagine, only exacerbated the issue. I did the only thing that I could think of to get my head in the right space and stop worrying. I buried my face in pussy.

That certainly did the trick. I had to focus on my partner and her reactions to get the job done well. Before long I was at full mast and oblivious to Anne’s situation, other than the moaning of course. Sticking with my plan of keeping me distracted with my partner to keep the unneeded worry away. I took this moment to ask and initiate fucking her. Anne hadn’t yet started and it would be much better for me staying focused if I started first. Shortly there after her full swapping began. It was really not that big of a deal. All my worry had, as my logical mind already knew, been unwarranted. My partner and I finished a minute or two before Anne and her play partner. It was very exciting to watch in that moment with my worries lost in post orgasmic bliss. I really enjoyed watching the end of their session. I have always found it hot watching her with others.

Later that evening when we were alone, we had a debriefing. Anne isn’t very talkative about this stuff. I always have to lead the conversations. She had not fucked anyone except for me before this. So, I obviously asked if it was better or worse than me. I realize that is not a fair question, but if it was better in any way then there is something we can take away to make our sex better. She answered with, “Neither, it was just different.” The conversation wasn’t really that long and in the end we both agreed that the full swap is really not nearly as big of a deal as the first swing experience. Our first soft swap and breaking the monogamy is much, much weirder than finally full swapping with someone else.


An average suburbanite barely into his 30s, Jack has recently begun a more exciting secret sexy life with his wife, Anne. These experiences have led him to preach the gospel of sex positivity and safer sex to anyone who will listen.

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