Jack and Anne Visit a Swinger Club


Jack and Anne Visit a Swinger ClubRecently some friends invited us to come along with them to a swinger club. I was intrigued. Anne and I have been to a few parties, but had never been to a club. So, we accepted the invitation. First things first, we had to call the club owners and go through an interview process as well as submit an application online. The interview process was very easy and non-threatening. Mostly the club owners wanted to confirm that we knew what we were getting into and that there were indeed two of us, a man and a woman. Once that was done, we made reservations.

There was a group of ten or so of us going. We met up with half of the group and piled into two cars for the 50-minute trip. We were there in no time. The club was tucked away in the odd space between suburban and rural land. Very discreet, it was set far back from the road where no one would notice it. As we exited the cars we were greeted by someone in the lot that took our names and radioed them ahead. It made me feel good that the security was in place to make sure nothing was amiss.

Inside, we paid our “donations” to gain entry. Our friends who had been there previously went in to join the happenings. Anne and I opted to take the tour we were offered. The tour guide was friendly, older gentleman, but he did say a few things I didn’t agree with. Mainly, in the orgy room he told me that I should ask before I touch and that no one would care what Anne did. No. Wrong. Everyone should always ask. Always. Don’t assume because you have tits that I want you to touch me. He also pointed out some of the rules. No food, drinks or unescorted men in the play rooms. I understand the rule for unescorted men, but it still bothers me. I get that it probably helps people feel comfortable, but at the same time it makes me feel like a creepy molester. I understand some guy might wander in and join some people, but I also think that if he was not welcomed and a nuisance that other party goers would stop him. Maybe I just live in a happy, utopian bubble having only been to parties thrown by my awesome friends.

The evening went about as I expected. Anne and I chatted away with our friends and a few strangers. We played with some of the friends that came with us. One of my favorite highlights of the evening was watching some very bad, very old porn. There was a very long scene where a fly buzzed around a women’s vulva. It was as disturbing and disgusting as it sounds. Our entire group had a good laugh about it. Our friends spent some time in the hot tub, but Anne and I were not in the mood for it. We wandered about, talked to some strangers, and just enjoyed the scenery.

I am, however, not sure it was worth the money. We essentially paid 60 dollars to play with our friends in someone elses house. Granted, they provided food and we will probably go back. It was a pretty cool place and we had a good time. But I doubt we will end up there more than once or twice a year – at best. I definitely want to hit it up at least once in the summer.


An average suburbanite barely into his 30s, Jack has recently begun a more exciting secret sexy life with his wife, Anne. These experiences have led him to preach the gospel of sex positivity and safer sex to anyone who will listen.

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