Playing Nice On The Swingset


Ok, so when we were growing up we were all taught to play nice with out toys, to share, to play well with others, don't throw sand in the sand box and most importantly to not eat the sand. Gross….anyway…as we grow up I think these rules still apply and it especially applies well in the lifestyle. I know, I know, I know, yes this is another amusing story from Payton and one wacky experience. Yet I think this is an experience that us ladies have or will run into at some point in time so why not share it with everyone.

Now as adults our toys shift from Tonka trucks and Barbie dolls and change into bigger toys with bigger price tags or just more valuable, cars, homes, boats, collectibles… see my point.  For lifestylers some of our toys come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, vacations, getaways, parties…the list goes on and on but one thing just shines through,  WE LOVE TO SHARE OUR TOYS!  Even when those toys are our own bodies we like to share, and exchange and pleasure and laugh and have a good time.  We all have our likes and dislikes and before any of us have played we have made it known what we are all into or not into.  We have all shared this information be it in a post, a web site profile, casual date conversation, we all share how we would like our toys played with so the don't break them or get hurt during play time.  Sometimes though, some of our playmates lose control or forget and can take things into their own hands causing a fun experience and make it shall we say interesting at best.

Open the scene…a vanilla night among swingers.  Ok, we try and say it but we all know what happens…our desire for pleasure and fun overwhelms us and we simply can not help ourselves!  Now, sometimes when this particular group of ours got together we have a couple cocktails to relax and unwind to get things flowing and starting the laughter going.  This particular evening was no different.  It started out as seriously as a completely innocent vanilla night among friends (yeah right!).  Simple bonfire at a friends house, cocktails, their neighbors some laughs and a good time.  Well, mother nature decided to take things into her own hands and change the agenda, once a nice warm summer night turned into a complete downpour.  So we all retreated into our friends man cave of a garage and played some bags and threw darts and were having fun…  keep in mind that all of those in attendance at this event were lifestylers or newly converted to the lifestyle so we all knew that even though we set this up as a vanilla event, that it would not take much for clothes to end up flying everywhere and a fun pleasureful free for all to happen at anytime, ladies choice of course!  Which those are always fun…

Being someone that does not drink a lot, most times I get the enjoyment of watching everything unfold and laugh ten times harder.  This night was no exception to that scene.  I had my one drink and turned to my coke and everyone else was cutting lose and having a blast, not rowdy but just good adult fun and as the night progressed on most of the newly converted lifestylers headed out home  leaving three couples; our friends, their neighbors (newly converted from intel we were shared) and us.  The neighbors were a little anxious to be in this situation, me not being in a group setting before myself was nervous and not sure what would happen if anything, our friends were pro's at this and she started the night off by making her intent known by kissing me, very nice.  Our friends knew of course our likes and dislikes and what we were into and not.  Jack,  seeing what was starting, figured he had best make the neighbors aware of our likes and dislikes so we all were on the same page.  While he was handling that for us, things were warming up nicely.  Laughing, some heavy petting, good wine being shared between two ladies….good time.  The female neighbor comes over and wants to join….I'm ok with this at this point and the kissing is nice and the touching is good, everyone is playing nice with each other.

I back out a little and check in with Jack as he looks concerned and informs me that the neighbor lady likes things really rough and had made some comments that alarmed him and to be careful.  That if I wanted to stop he was fine with that but she made a comment that she was a biter, that she like to bite and she wanted to bite me.  Jack told me that he was extremely stern with her and said that was off limits, that Payton does not like biting and nothing rough.  You get rough with her and you will not like the options she presents, she will put the toys away and you will not be allowed to play.  Now we had been with couples before that liked rough things done to them but they respected us and unless we ever asked for something rough or done to us in a certain way, the rough stuff was never done to us.  We respect your toys you respect ours…everyone plays nice and has a good time. Right?  Right!.  Well here is where this gets funny and interesting all in the same round.

I go back in armed with my knowledge and start having the rules of playing with my toys conversation with my friend and she picked up the queue and reciprocated the conversation right back to me in front on the neighbor lady.  The heavy petting resumed between her and I and the neighbor lady wanted to join so we both started asking questions. As intoxicated as she was she answered and shared her likes and dislikes on the level to my friend and myself that we were satisfied with that no one would be disappointed during play…no pain, no rough, no biting….so we both figured ok we will try this.  Things start to warm up and in a matter of moments my friend was pleasuring me orally, her neighbor wanted in.  Nervous about it but excited I was ok with letting her into the mix.  At this time I was sitting on Jacks lap and knew that should something get out of hand that he would be there to help me as I could see that he was anxious too about the situation as well knowing that the statement was made by her that she wanted something that was not in the rule book for that night.

The girls all continue to play and share their toys nicely.  Things are enjoyable until…..chomp!  Tears forming in the corners of my eyes, this lady that was using me as a tootsie pop commercial decided she could not wait to get to the center.  How many licks does it take to end a good time?  3…lol….  How can I laugh and put humor to this right now?  Because you never think it can happen, well I did and all I could think was this woman just pac-manned me! I made the rules known, this should not have happened but it did.  So I am sitting there in shock, tearing up….I stand up and it was game over.  I was done, packed up the toys and I could see clearly that Jack was livid!  Looking at the neighbors he tells them that not only did he share our rules with them that he warned them about being rough and the biting thing was inappropriate with me.  The husband was mortified and embarrassed at this point, apologizing and asking was there anything that he could do. By now I am in such shock all I can ask him laughingly to do is to check her mouth to make sure she doesn't have my clit in it as I would like that back.  She at this point is completely mortified, completely sobered up and sooo embarrassed she quietly sneaks off back to her home never to be seen again in the course of the night.

Now two lessons were learned that night by both of us this night.  (1) That even though you may share the rules in how to play with your toys, there may be one person out there that thinks they are the exception to the rule and do what they want with your toys anyway.  (2) Never let someone play with your toys that has already stated their intentions that go against what your rules are.

Jack and I both learned that night that even though he had been in the lifestyle before and I was still new and we as a couple were extremely new together to the lifestyle; that we should have not continued playing.  He did let me make the choice on what I wanted to happen and trusted my choice, and because I was all gung ho about wanting to get as much out of every opportunity I could to play, we failed each other by not double checking between us and making sure we as a team were ok.  We failed to communicate on a situation that, while now funny now and a comical lifestyle story we have shared many times over, could have been something more serious at the time.  So, while you might like having your clit bitten, all I can say is that it is not a fun time for my toy.  Overall the experience really got me to appreciate and listen to the people we played with, follow their instruction and give them the experience they are asking for and not just to take matters into my own hands and do what I think is best or what I want.

I have respected all the people and all the toys that I have come into contact with and played but let me share this with all you…the greatest reward for me is hearing through other couples that they enjoyed their time and experiences with me personally and what I gave and shared with them because I listened to them and respected their rules for playing with them and their toys.  That if there was any disappointments that those are there only because they had asked the questions to themselves of “How much is too much?” chose that what they may have wanted at the time with me was inappropriate and not asked at all.  But I know for a later time that there is a wish out there that maybe I can give to them.  This in my book is knowing that you are playing nice on the swing-set and that others are playing nice on your swing-set.

Keep playing nice on the swingset everyone and boys….don't eat the sand!



  1. What a bummer. Ouch! I think that biting is the least of that woman’s problems. She obviously should not drink when she plays because it makes her forget things, like her manners. I hope your toys have been treated better since then. 🙂

  2. Yes Mr. Swap Fu it was a sad moment in time, but time heals all boobooos including that one (took a few days but she was back in top form in no time). And my toys are much happier now that I make sure not to place myself in these types of situations. I was new and overly excited to play so much but I learned my lesson that is for sure!

    That unless I ask for it, don’t give it to me. OUCHIE!!! All kidding aside, after that moment was the eye opener in learning about communication all around the board!

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