Tyler and Holly Give Swing Clubs Another Chance


Even though our first experience at a swing club was less than stellar, a little while after we'd established ourselves with a group of swinger friends, a new club opened up 90 minutes or so away from us. Since we had actually met the owner on a few occasions, we thought it would be worth giving swing clubs another try. So we asked around and arranged to meet a group of friends there one Saturday night.

Getting to the club was the first adventure. The club was so secret that there was no address given. We got off the highway and drove about 5 miles. We then had to look for a telephone pole with an X made of reflectors so that we knew where to turn left. We followed that road until the tarmac changed to gravel, and then turned at another X. At the 3rd driveway, we stopped at the black SUV, gave our screenname and then waited while he walki-talkied up to the club. Once validated, we proceeded to the club, entered, and were given the list of rules and a quick tour.

One of the nice things about swing clubs is they often have facilities that you won't find in most houses – things like stripper poles and cages, disco-lit dance floors, wall-to-wall beds, naked pools and hot tubs, swings, bondage rooms, or even Sybian machines. This particular club had the standard single, group, and orgy rooms, but in addition, it had a great dance floor and a screen set up so that only shadows could be seen while dancing – very sexy. Like a lot of clubs, this one was BYOB, but did not have a bartender. So we marked our bottles and our mixers, made ourselves a drink, and grabbed a table up by the dance floor.

As the night wore on, we had a great time dancing and flirting (mostly with our friends). Later we took a few friends upstairs (which was couples only) and played for a while in an area that was outside the group orgy room, but still visible. A sexy Latina asked to join us, and we were more than happy to have her (pun intended). After a brief rest, and some more dancing, we ended up in a 3-bed room with 2 of the couples we came with. Fun was had by all, and we called it a night.

Now although I had a fabulous time, I remember being a little disappointed that we didn't get to meet more people. I'd thought because it was an on-premise club, that it was somehow “advanced”, and that everyone at the club would be bold and flirtatious. I realize now that wasn't really a fair expectation. Just like any meet-and-greet, if you want to meet someone, you usually have to make the first move. There were people new to the lifestyle, couples sitting by themselves enjoying the general environment, couples too shy to approach people, and people who came to hang out with friends they already knew. And I'm sure if we showed up week after week, people would become familiar with us and approach (plus the people we'd introduced ourselves to would have introduced us to their friends).

Overall I'd say that the club was a great experience, and that we'd go back given the chance. Although the 8 of us drove 90 minutes and spent over $300 (total) to play with people we played with all the time at our house, the 3-bed room, the dance floor, and the shadow box were super sexy. And of course it's very unlikely that a hot Latina would just walk into my home asking to join us.

As fate would have it, however, we never did get to go back. The club was sadly closed down by the locals before we ever got to return, but that's a story for another time.



  1. Finding a good club with the right age group is hard. My first few club expierences were a little traumatising because we were surrounded by people that reminded me of my parents so that made it hard to really enjoy the full expierence but I was extremely new to the lifestyle and was one of those very timid people like you mentioned. I have heard that some clubs like this will draw certain age groups on purpose though. So since this club closed down maybe there is another out there that will fit the bill!

    Good luck in the search and if you do find one keep us posted….you never know maybe we could do a "Swingset Take Over"

  2. Sounds like a cool club. Too bad it was shoot down. I wish the one we go to had a hot tub… that's fancy. lol Although, I'm sure after about two hours of "use"… maybe not.

    I like the intrigue of havng to find a phone pole marked with an X. That's how we used to get to raves back in the day before text messaging and twitter.

    Yeah, it sounds like that club was for people there to consumate a prior arrangement. Hot stuff. lol

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