Review: Onyx Prostate Massage Wand from Sinclair Institute Select


Review of Onyx Prostate Massage Wand from Sinclair Institute SelectI am a big fan of prostate stimulation. Though in all honesty I am not super experienced with it. Needless to say I was very excited to test out the Onyx Prostate Massage Wand. In the past I had only ever used prostate massagers that were of the insert and forget variety. The Onyx was a totally new experience.

The Onyx was very nicely made. It is made of black CyberGlass. I have no idea what makes this specific glass cyber, but silly names aside the material was great. It was very smooth with some fancy designs etched into it. These designs while making the Onyx very pleasing to the eye didn’t effect the use in any way. The glass seems to hold heat well. In the few minutes between my preplay washing and getting down to business the Onyx was still nice and warm. My one concern with the material is that it did not come with any sort of protective case or bag. I don’t know how likely it is to chip or snap, but I would feel better if there was something provided to store it in.

The design is very elegant, but has a few flaws at least for me. There are ridges at the tip of the massager that seem pointless to me. I just need pressure on my prostate. I will never know these ridges are there. While the ridges didn't bring anything back out with them which was my initial fear, they were fairly hard to clean thoroughly as they are deep and narrow. The second flaw I saw in the design is that there are two knots right on the curve where the handle end and massage end meet. The massager end knot is poorly placed. I assume it was there to help keep the toy in, one knot on the inside and one on the outside. However, it had the opposite effect for me. To get the massager end knot fully inside me the toy had to be a too great an angle and it just didn’t work. As a result the knot was always half in and only served to push the toy out.

This all seems very negative, but there are positives to the design. The angle of the handle worked well for me. I was able to lay on my back and handle both the toy and my cock at the same time, one hand on each, while applying ample pressure to my prostate. The Onyx’s handle got a little slick once there was lube everywhere. It wouldn’t hurt it if there was more texture to help keep a hold of it, but I also would not hold this against it.

I even took a second go round with the toy and enlisted the help of my wife. This worked out well. We tried multiple positions and she was able to get the pressure in the right places in all of them. The issue of the knot was non-existent in this case because I had a second person holding the Oynx in. All and all it is a decent toy to use alone as you can easily put the pressure in the right places, but better with a partner.

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