An Unexpected Sleep Over For The Swingers


Threesome In BedAnne and I had a date with a single lady, a unicorn if you will. We had been trying to have a date with her for a while, but for one reason or another things kept getting in the way. We have played with her at parties before, but we have never really had a date with her. I still hold to our stance of not looking for single men or single women. Single women are in too much demand and single men are in too much supply. Both of those things bring about their own issues that make us not want to actively look for them. If they happen to cross our path and click with us, that is cool, but we aren’t seeking either.

Anyways, she came over. We started drinking wine as Anne finished preparing a nice dinner for the three of us. It went about like dates do. We had dinner and wine. Then we relaxed for a movie. I chose the movie. The ladies weren’t impressed with my choice. So, we mostly just talked over it. From there, things naturally led to the bedroom.

At some point it became clear that she didn’t intend to drive home and probably shouldn’t. Drinking and all that. Better safe than dead or in jail. This lead to a weird situation we hadn’t encountered before. Couples usually leave as one of them is ok to drive and I suspect if a couple needed to stay it wouldn't be an issue as four is way too many for our bed. Does she sleep in our bed or in the guest bed? I mean we were all already sleepily laying in our bed. Our bed is only a queen not a king. We all fit but it wasn’t super roomy.

Anne and I at some point found a moment to give it a quick discussion. In the end we decided we didn’t really care where she slept. So, we gave her the option. She decided to lay down with us for a bit and chat until we got sleepy. Then our friend retired to the guest room. I think she opted for the guest room after realizing that we were unsure of how to proceed. In the morning I awoke to her exiting the guest room. She saw that I was awake and climbed into our bed again. So we all snuggled some more while we slowly awoke to the day. Nothing of note happened in the morning. We chatted over coffee and then she was on her way.

It was just an odd unexpected twist to a lovely evening. It is the first time we have had anyone stay over after a date. I would have preferred to know in advance that was happening, but I am definitely not complaining that it did. I don’t think that is something swingers do. And by swingers, I mean what most people in the world think they are like. Maybe it was more of a poly date. Our unicorn friend is very much poly. I don’t know, but I can definitely see why someone would choose poly over swinger. Not that a choice is even necessary. Anne and I are probably in the middle somewhere and I suspect we will remain in the middle.


An average suburbanite barely into his 30s, Jack has recently begun a more exciting secret sexy life with his wife, Anne. These experiences have led him to preach the gospel of sex positivity and safer sex to anyone who will listen.

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